About Us

At Straight Steer Automotive we are both an authorised MTA Mechanical Repairer and a member of the MVRIC. As such we subscribe to both the MTA and the MVRIC Auto Repairers codes of ethics both of which provide you as our Client with peace of mind when selecting a repairer to look after your vehicle.

The Straight Steer Code of Ethics

Straight Steer Automotive is bound by the following code of ethics.

  • To at all times carry out service and repairs to an enviable level of expertise
  • To employ qualified technicians and participate in the National Training Program
  • To carry out repairs and service at a fair and reasonable cost
  • In the event of the possibility that cost of repairs will exceed the original estimated amount, the Dealer will contact the Owner before proceeding with the repair
  • The Repairer will guarantee the effectiveness of repairs under normal operating conditions. If for any reason the extent of this guarantee may be limited, the Owner will be notified in writing
  • In the event of a customer dispute, Straight Steer Automotive will endeavour to resolve the issue quickly and amicably

Why Trust Your Car to Straight Steer?

Should You Bring Your Car to Us?

Straight Steer Automotive is an independently owned and operated service centre. So when you bring your car in you get friendly local service. We can now offer an even wider range of repair services.

We Can Service Your New Car

As your licenced local Auto Repairer we can service your new car. We can also carry out car manufacturer’s handbook services and validate your service book. Your new car warranty will be validated and protected

A Wider Range of Services

We offer a wide range of services – No matter what the problem or the vehicle we have the experience, the equipment and the latest up to date vehicle specification computerised database to repair it.